Pharmacorp CZ s.r.o. not only is it a distributor of medical devices and materials, it also provides a variety of services - such as: registration of medicines and medical devices, market research and analysis, consultancy service and training.

Registration of drugs and medical devices

In the EU, pharmacy products can be registered of centralized, decentralized or national procedures. Detailed knowledge of the processes, documentation and functioning of drug agencies is necessary to ensure a fast and seamless registration process.

We provide our clients with comprehensive services
in the field of drug registration and pharmacovigilance:

  • preparation of application and documentation for all types of procedures,
  • representation and communication with the drug agency and health insurance companies,
  • professional translations and harmonization of SPC,
  • pharmacovigilance.

Market research and analysis

Pharmacorp CZ s.r.o. is also active in market research and marketing consultion. A detailed quantitative and qualitative survey by an independent third party is a crucial step in finding important lessons and designing the right business plan. Through our advice and analysis, PHC will help you make the right business and marketing decisions.

Our pharmaceutical market analysis will help you in the following areas:

  • segmentation of market,
  • targeted marketing campaigns,
  • identifying priority investments and administrative allocation of financial resources,
  • optimalization of human resource.

Counseling service and training

We provide the following training for individuals and groups:

  • registration of drugs and medical devices,
  • pricing and categorization,
  • basics of pharmaco-economy,
  • marketing and sales training.

Training profile

The training is suitable for the staff of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions
that need to be better oriented in these areas.